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  • The Art of Self Relaxation (Download)
  • Messages for the Staff CD
  • Messages for the Patient CD
  • Chiropractic Homecare CD
  • I AM a Lovable ME!
  • Chiropractor’s Affirmations CD
  • I am a Non Smoker CD
  • Affirmations for Weight Loss 2 CD Set

      About 2 Imagine

CD’s and Books that help build Confidence and Self-esteem. 2 Imagine a Visionary Production Company and Publishing House based in Scottsdale Arizona is a leader in high quality Audio CD’s and Books that help build Confidence and Self-esteem. Our extraordinary products offer Adults and Children EMPOWERMENT TOOLS to achieve success in all areas of their lives.


Creating a positive internal dialog in order to meet life’s challenges head on is one of the many benefits 2 Imagine customers are realizing. Our CD’s and Books are designed to promote confidence, high self-image, motivation, increased energy, optimum health and well-being!


“Free yourself of all tension and stress in a very natural way… that will allow the body to heal itself. I love it!”
Allison Miller
Yoga Therapist, Fitness Instructor
“Patients love the relaxation…Terrific stress reduction tool as part of their healing process. This download is cutting edge!”
Dr. Tom Klapp
President COCSA   Board Member International Chiropractors Association
“A uniquely wonderful tool for relaxation, healing, and self-actualization.”
Marty Bowers
RN   Nationally Certified Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork
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